Sterilized Substrate for Dung-Loving Mushrooms

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High growth formula developed by professional mycologists.

  • Use in monotubs or just add grain spawn and fruit right in the bag!
  • Horse manure compost: A rich, alkaline material loaded with minerals, salts, and nutrients, helping to reduce the chances of contamination from acid loving contaminants
  • Organic coco coir and organic vermiculite for a fluffy, moisture absorbing bed prompting fast mycelial growth 
  • Organic Gypsum for the calcium and sulfur that mycelium love
  • PH Balancers and Stabilizers

Sterilization:  So we’re not gonna tell you how long we sterilize these bags, but suffice it to say that anything in those bags is gonna get annihilated.  We nuke that bag, and we nuke the crap out of it.  If anything actually manages to survive our sterilization process, watch out, because it’s taking over the world, and we’re really sorry about that armageddon we’ve initiated!

Size: 5 Pound